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Terms and Conditions:.
This section has important information regarding the structure of classes, fees and general rules.
We adhere to our school policies and expect enrolling students to read and understand these terms.
** The completion of this form means that you agree and accept the terms and conditions within the enrolment form.**

Please read over the following points:
Communication Policy
    -     We are a large dance school and communicate largely through emails and our website. Please ensure you check these mediums regularly to avoid missing out on important messages.
    -     You can contact us via our email address ( or phone us on 021 088 10856.
    -     We aim to respond to all emails within 48 hours.
    -     Our phone is active only on weekends 9am-3pm. If we do not pick up, please ring us back or leave us a voice message. We will aim to get back to you within a weeks time.
    -     Please do not contact staff on their personal numbers, email IDs or social media.
    -     You may visit our Glenfield office upon appointment. We are open Tuesday to Friday 9am-5pm and weekends 9am-3pm.

Term Policy
    -     Our terms are 8-10 weeks in duration
    -     Our terms are comprised of classes, shows and events.
    -     Our term 3 and 4 dates are released later in the year after confirmation of Diwali dates by Auckland city council.

Fees Policy
    -     All enrolled students will be invoiced prior to the term commencing to allow payment of class, uniform and costume fees.
    -     If students wish to opt out of performances, a costume fee and bond is not required. Students must inform administration to have this fee removed from their invoice.
    -     Term 3 is generally extended beyond 10 weeks in duration to include Diwali performances. As this is outside of our normal 8-10 weeks duration for a term, our term 3 fees are increased.
    -     Fees can deposited online to ‘Aaja Nachle NZ LTD’ 12-3617-0008698-00.
    -     Payments can also be using your credit or debit card. A service charge of 4% is applied when using this method.
    -     If you fail to meet the term payment by the 2nd class, Aaja Nachle reserves the right to withdraw students from classes.
    -     An administrative charge of $15 will apply if fees are not visible in our account by the Wednesday before the second lesson of the new term.
    -     Any fee discounts previously applicable at sign up will not apply if late.
    -     We do not accept cash or cheque payments.
    -     All statutory holidays are observed and fees have been calculated over the year.
    -     There will be no refund if a student leaves a class after the first 2 weeks of term.
    -     If a student misses a class they are welcome to join a corresponding class at another branch to gain their full set of classes. Private catch up classes or refunds will not be offered.
    -     Classes may be cancelled if a show or event falls on the same day. Students not partaking in the show may attend a class at another branch to gain their full set of classes. Private catch up classes or refunds will not be offered.
    -     Up to 2 classes may be cancelled each year by teachers due to sickness, shows and events or emergencies. If more than 2 classes are cancelled, catch up classes will be offered. If catch up classes cannot be arranged, students will be reimbursed.
    -     In the case that you are unable to clear your fees, Aaja Nachle NZ Ltd may enlist a debt collection agency to recover payments owed. The debt collection agency reserves the right to charge fees over and above what you owe if involved.
    -     We have a rolling enrolment policy, hence you will be loaded onto our next terms class list and invoiced unless you make contact with administration to opt out of classes.
    -     There is a 15 day turnover time for all refunds and/or reimbursements. They will be paid on the 20th of the following month. Bank account numbers must be emailed to

Fee discounts
    -     Discounted classical fusion dance fees are available if the student is also enrolled in other classes at Aaja Nachle.

Free trials
    -     Students must enroll online to be reserved a place in our classes. Students that have not registered online via our enrolment form may be turned away if the class is full.
    -     All free trial students are required to submit their name and contact details upon arrival to a class.
    -     We do not accept free trials after week 2 of the term.
    -     Classical students may trial and enroll into classes in term 1 and term 2. Any free trials or enrolments in terms 3 and 4 must be discussed with the classical leader and will be accepted on a case by case basis.
    -     Students may trial as many classes as they wish within a 7 day period. They must pay for any classes if they wish to continue beyond this period.
    -     If a student continues with their enrolment after completing their free trial, the full term fee is expected.

Uniform policy
    -     All students must wear an Aaja Nachle t-shirt/singlet and hoodie to class.
    -     All classical dance students must wear their own duputta and gungaroo to class.
    -     All students must wear their Aaja Nachle hoodies to shows and events.
    -     Students enrolled in to the Bollywood Fitness or Classical open class may be exempt from purchasing a uniform but must purchase a hoodie if they wish to perform at events.
    -     Students must order the correct size upon enrolment. If a swapping of sizes or fitting prior is requested, they are expected to visit the Glenfield office by appointment.
    -     Uniforms can be picked up from administration on enrolment day. If unable to attend this day, students must visit another branch on their enrolment day or the Glenfield office.

Class policy
    -     Students must arrive on time to class.
    -     Doors will close 15 minutes after class begins to avoid disruptions and late students will not be permitted to enter.
    -     All phones must be left on silent during class.
    -     Students must always bring a drink bottle.
    -     Correct uniform must be worn - i.e. students must wear Aaja Nachle hoodies and tops.
    -     Hair must be tied back and out of face.
    -     Parents and spectators are not to be seated inside the studio.
    -     Parents are welcome to enter into the studio in the last 10 minutes of class to ask questions to their teacher or observe their childs progress.

Property policy
    -     Aaja Nachle will not be held viable for any loss of personal property.
    -     Students must behave responsibly during class and will be held responsible for their own safety and actions.
    -     Students will be expected to reimburse for damage to company property or space.

Health and Safety policy
    -     We take care to hire suitably qualified staff and dance leaders.
    -     Our staff and dance leaders are required to comply with our health and safety policies, which reflect the specific risks associated with a dance studio and performances such as ours.
    -     The safety of our students is very important to us. While we aim to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all students, both in the studio and during performances and events, students, parents and caregivers should understand there are inherent risks associated with dance. We encourage all students, parents and caregivers to discuss any concerns with us.
    -     While all care is taken to ensure that such health and safety policies are adhered to by our staff, we expect the cooperation of students, parents and caregivers, which is essential to ensuring that our health and safety policies are most effective.
    -     We must be informed of any injuries or health issues that may affect a student’s ability to participate fully in class. This must be communicated to the dance leader or other staff member before class. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any injury or health issue (or aggravation of an existing injury or health issue) where we are not informed of the same.
    -     It is our policy to keep a record of all injuries that occur during class, performances and events. If you require any information for ACC claims please feel free to contact us.
    -     We expect students under 18 years to be supervised by parents or caregivers before class, and to be picked up promptly after class. While we take reasonable care to ensure the safety of students before and after class, supervision of students at those times is limited and we do not accept responsibility for the safety of students outside of class hours. This applies also to performances and events.
    -     It is our policy that students under the age of 18 years must be picked up after class by a parent or caregiver. If other arrangements are to be made this should be communicated to us beforehand. This applies also to performances and events.

Privacy Policy
    -     It is necessary for us to collect your Personal Information from time to time. Our Privacy Policy sets out more information on how and why we collect and use your Personal Information. A copy of our Privacy Policy is available on our website and is deemed to be incorporated into these Terms and Conditions, in the then current form from time to time.
    -     It is our practice to take photographs and videos from time to time of classes, performances and/or events, and to use the same for promotional and educational purposes. We generally publish such photographs and videos on our website and social media platforms (such as Facebook and YouTube), as well as distribute them to third party outlets to market on our behalf. In doing so, we will comply with our Privacy Policy and take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety and privacy of any individuals who are depicted.
    -     By accepting these Terms and Conditions you will be deemed to have consented to us taking and publishing such photographs and videos of you (or your child, as the case may be). If you have any concerns, or if you do not wish to consent, or if at any time you would like to withdraw your consent at any time, please let us know.

    -     All choreography and routines for classes, performances and events are the copyright, intellectual property and property of Aaja Nachle NZ Limited.
    -     Such choreography and routines are not to be used or copied outside of such classes, performances and events without our prior consent, and this includes any non-profit work or showcases. If you would like to use any choreography or routines outside of such classes, performances and events, please let us know.

Private Function Policy
    -     All students are allowed to perform items at private functions given they ask permission from their Aaja Nachle dance leader prior.
    -     Competition items may not be performed at private functions prior to the competition.

Performance Policy
    -     Students by default are included into all performances. They must actively opt out and notify their teacher if they do not wish to participate.
    -     Students must be available for all show rehearsals and performance dates.
    -     Rehearsals may be at different times/day/location to your normal lesson.
    -     Students must arrive on time.
    -     Students must arrive fully dressed in costume, hair, jewellery and makeup to show rehearsals and performances by reporting time.
    -     If students are sick and cannot attend a show rehearsal or performance a medical certificate must be provided.
    -     Carpools (when organized) are compulsory.
    -     A 3-strike policy will be utilised, wherein on each occasion that a student is late or disorganised, a written strike will be issued via email. The student may be withheld from performing following issuance of the 3rd and final strike.
    -     If a student pulls out of a show rehearsal or performance they may not be allowed to partake in the next performance.
    -     Aaja Nachle often performs for events run by 3rd party organizers. We do not hold responsibility for unforeseen events that occur at these functions that are outside of our control. This may include: changes in line up, event delays, changes in music or costume, cancellation of items or cancellation of event.
    -     If you feel that the changes or disruptions that occur at these events are excessively unreasonable (i.e. your performance is 2 hours behind), you are welcome to leave the event. We request that you notify an Aaja Nachle staff member so that we are also aware.
    -     Students may be selected or deselected to perform at any show or event at the discretion of their teacher or leader.

Costume Policy
    -     Costume payments must be cleared in the first 2 weeks of any new term to receive costumes on enrolment day. If paid any later, students will have to arrange pick up from the Glenfield office or another branch during their enrolment day.
    -     Standard sizing charts (made available on our website) will be used to create and order costumes. Students are responsible for their own alterations and must arrange this independently upon consultation with Aaja Nachle.
    -     Students must order the correct size upon enrolment. If a swapping of sizes or fitting prior is requested, they are expected to visit the Glenfield office by appointment.
    -     Enrolled students are required to hire costumes only from Aaja Nachle. No independent tailors or outlets may be employed to create replicas.
    -     An annual costume hire fee of $40 is required for hire of costumes. This is payable every year upon the first term of continued enrolment and cannot be reduced if a student partakes in fewer events than all offered.
    -     A costume bond of $100 is paid once off on issue of costume. This is refunded when a student chooses to un-enroll from the school and returns their costume as per the conditions below within 2 weeks of discontinuing. Costumes must be dry cleaned with receipt and all damages repaired for full return of the bond. If failure to do so, or the costume is lost or stolen, the full costume bond will be forfeited. We ask you provide your bank details via email and pass your costumes only onto an administrator in exchange for a returns receipt as proof of the exchange.
    -     A unique costume hire fee and bond is required for each class a student partakes in.
    -     If a student outgrows a costume and requires a new size, they must return the item dry cleaned, with receipt and all damages repaired to the next enrolment day or to the Glenfield office. Notification must be given to the administrator to order a new size for the student.
    -     Costumes are given on a first come first served basis while stocks last. If your costume is not available in the size ordered, it will take 8-10 weeks to order this from India. We schedule our shows at the end of each term, hence on enrolment day, if your item is not available – we should be able to arrange this for you in time. If your costume is ordered any later, we may not be able to arrange this in time.

Prize-giving policy
    -     Students are awarded certificates at the end of each year for:
          -           Attendance at shows and events.
    -     Trophies are awarded for:
          -           Highest achievement in each class.
          -           Most improved in each class.
    -     Trophy awards are selected at the discretion of the leader or teacher of the class.
    -     All trophies are kept by the recipient for one year. Trophies are to be returned to the Aaja Nachle NZ Glenfield office in October of each new year to be passed onto the next batch of winners. If recipients fail to return their trophies, they will be charged for replacement.
    -     If students do not attend prizegiving and win an award, they can collect from administration at the Glenfield office or at their next enrolment day.

Accelerated and Lead dancer Policy
    -     All students wishing to join the accelerated stream or be a lead dancer are required to audition for a position with students expected to learn the audition piece themselves.
    -     There will be additional fees expected for these classes.
    -     All enrolled Aaja Nachle students are entitled to audition.
    -     If students miss the scheduled audition date they may audition the following year for the next intake.
    -     Selection into these groups is based on the assumption that the student will fully commit to show preparation and parents will be present to handle the student’s performance on the day of the show.
    -     Selection into these groups is based on the assumption that the student be present for all shows and events scheduled for their group. This is available on the ‘new enrolments information sheet’.
    -     Selected students will perform at events throughout the year and must be prepared for up to additional hours of self led rehearsals.
    -     Students must attend all shows and events their team is scheduled to perform at. If unable to partake in these events, they must discuss this with their leader prior to audition.
    -     Aaja Nachle reserves the right to withdraw students from these groups if students are not adequately prepared for lessons or events, are disruptive during lessons/events or fail to pay their fees across the year.
    -     You are legally bound to all of the terms and conditions set within this contract for the entire duration of your membership with Aaja Nachle NZ.
    -     Membership shall be defined for the purpose of this contract as participation with any one of the various activities offered at Aaja Nachle NZ, including but not limited to;
          -           Attendance at classes;
          -           Performances at shows;
          -           Participation in events.